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The Adventure Compass is a travel blog that goes beyond mass travel destinations. Rather, we focus on less visited destinations and interesting places near main tourist areas. We give you ideas how to make your next trip special!

Besides our own travel reports, we’ll provide you a wide range of different stories written by our travel-minded friends. Our posts address people who are curious about new places and need some inspirations for choosing their next trip. Be a student, a high school graduate or someone who wants to escape the everyday life, you can find different kinds of trips on our blog site.

We hope you enjoy reading the posts as much as we enjoyed writing them!

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blog-pictureKatharina Prussnat

I’m a third year commerce student from Germany and currently on exchange in Canada at Queen’s. Before I started my studies, I took a break from school and used the time to see something different. So, I decided to go to New Zealand for six months and it was the best decision I have ever made in my life. It was the first time that I went from home for so long and I couldn’t go more far away. However, I experienced so many things  out there that inspired me to explore even more of the world.

Olli Tuominen

Olli Tuominen

I’m a fourth year commerce student from Finland and currently doing my exchange in Kingston, Canada. I enjoy traveling by myself and exploring new cities and areas. When in new city, I like to walk as, it’s the best way to see the real city life and reach places where tourists usually don’t go.

My passion field in travelling is cruise and ferry industry. I’m editor in chief for Finnish maritime magazine Ulkomatala and I publish my travel and maritime photos on my own website.