Explore the Best of Montreal

Last weekend I was in Montreal with a group of students and we had such a great stay! Even though we had not enough time to see all recommended spots of the city, we explored the best in the city.

When we arrived on Friday night in Montreal, we left our stuff at the hostel “M Montreal“, changed clothes, had a short pre party, and went to the best club of Montreal “Muzique“. This place is definitely worth to visit! Fortunately, we could skip the long line because we reserved a table- you should do that, too! Also make sure to choose the event you want to go before you visit Montreal because the age limit differs with the type of party.
After we left the club, we headed to the restaurant “La Banquise” where you get the best Poutine in Montreal. This is supposed to be the after-party food you need to have in Canada!


Where to Go?

On Saturday, we started our tour hiking up Mont-Royal, which you can reach within either 40 minutes by the trail or 20 Minutes by taking the steps. We chose the trail and I highly recommend to take this way! Even though it takes more time, you can see all the beautiful spots of the park – little fun fact: The park has been designed by the same architect who designed the Central Park in New York City.
Another great place was the Marché Jean-Talon where you can basically buy fresh food and try samples of new recipes. Then, we went to Notre-Dame which is such a beautiful church and I suggest to plan more time for the visit to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere inside.
When we left the basilica, we took a walk through Old Montreal, had a cup of coffee and walked along the Port of Montreal that gives a wonderful scenery!

Where to Eat?

After we visited Mont-Royal, we looked for good food places and we were successful! We went to the best Bagel shop in Montreal and got some fancy bagels at “Fairmount Bagel”. There, we found randomly the best place for having lunch – Drogheria Fine which has the best pasta sauce in Montreal and I agree! However, this is not a restaurant but a street food spot.
For dinner, we tried something more exotic – Le Petit Alep which serves Syrian/ Armenian food and it was such a delightful experience! From there, we went to a very cosy and jazzy bar to enjoy our last night in Montreal. Le lab serves fancy cocktails and each of them tells a history which we found very nice and special.

All in all, I have to admit I fell in love with Montreal immediately. We did the best things we could do within 1.5 days. The places were stunning and we were impressed by the European construction of the city. So, plan your next trip to Montreal, it’s totally worth it!